Interested Players

This is here to make sure we are all on the same page. In my time playing tabletop games I have figured out what I like and dislike in gaming groups. Hopefully we agree (on most of these points, at least) and can ensure that a good time is had.

Rule 1:

I like my games to be primarily focused on the narrative. “Winning” the game is not a thing. Players should create dynamic and motivated characters that want to actively participate in the fiction. I reward excellent role playing. If you are only interested in making The Bestâ„¢ runner this is not the game for you.

Rule 2:

I also expect my players to communicate with me outside of game. This is most important when it comes to coordinating games. If you are flaky about keeping to your word about coming, or consistently don’t let me know until the day before that you can/can’t come I will stop inviting you. If I’m going to put the work in to make sure you have a fun game to play, please don’t spoil it for me and the other players by not being reliable.

Rule 3:

Be respectful and polite to me, your fellow gamers, anyone, anything, and anyanimal that resides within my house. This should go without saying, and I’ve never had a problem with it (which is awesome considering how many strangers I’ve allowed into my house for our shared love of gaming). This doesn’t mean you can’t joke around, make fun of, or whatever to who/whatever, just make sure that it’s consensual and non-offensive.

Rule 4:

You have to have fun. No exceptions. If you aren’t having fun we need to talk to fix this problem ASAP!

Interested Players

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